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Traveling and its illustrations outside of time and space

Pierre Waterschoot




Who is Voyager?

Christian Benavides (Aka Travel) is a Colombian artist, Voyager means time and space traveler. As a traveler, the art he creates represents the journey of his soul. Each Illustration aims to achieve a higher level of perception. Its real meaning lies in the philosophy of life it displays. As visual metaphysics, it is a synthesis of the outer and inner worlds that unite into one, the link between human and the cosmos.

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Amitabha City 2088
Amitabha City 2088

“This piece features reinterpretations of spiritual figures, symbols and cultural identities represented in 2088, our consciousness and humanity is evolving, as so many traditions can adapt, change and follow this process, keeping our beliefs flexible and free from change. Attachment can give like a broad view and a flow of constant movement and exploration, without rigid limitation as we are on the path to the limitless. »
Neko-Oni-Buddha traveling

“The Eightfold Path as the Path to Enlightenment of the First Neko Buddha. Warriors seeking to integrate the power of the Eightfold Path, but abuse of power creates unconsciousness and therefore conflict, so in a divided land, Sora, Yasu, and Daitan will be the ones who are willing to unify their land, since they've already unified that in themselves. »
Nippon Eden Conscrea Gallery
Nippon Eden (Conscrea Gallery)
Purification of the Three Poisons traveling
Purification of the Three Poisons

“The awakened found in him the three poisons, the three afflictions innate to every being; delusion, greed and aversion represented by the rooster, the serpent and the boar, they are the root of greed and therefore partly the cause of suffering. These metaphors suggest how dangerous afflictive thoughts and emotions can be if not understood and processed. Greed refers to our selfishness, misplaced desires, attachment, and desire for happiness and satisfaction outside of ourselves. Aversion refers to our anger, hatred, and revulsion toward unpleasant people, circumstances, and even our own uncomfortable feelings. Illusion refers to our boredom, bewilderment and misperceptions; our erroneous views of reality. The poisons of greed, aversion and delusion are a consequence of ignorance – ignorance of our true nature, the awakened heart of wisdom and compassion. With this sublime understanding, we can clearly see, feel and purify within, always within ourselves. Awake… "
DMT Originis
DMT Originis

“The traveler was looking for truth, life, reason, God, himself. After years of travel, the traveler found the ruins of consciousness, in them he rested, closed his eyes and seeing inside he understood, the spiral, the twin serpent, intersected, symbol of DNA, the origin of life, of the world, of the human species, the fractal of the soul, the heritage of the ancestors, he realized that at this moment his existence... was a unique existence, because although his soul is eternal, this incarnation is irreplaceable, his present, the links he has with other beings, all that in this incarnation learned, lived, experienced, they would accompany him forever, but it would never repeat itself again, for it is the constant transformation of life, once the traveler was a star, now he is a human and has always been a soul. »
DUB FX "ROOTS" traveling
The Eight Jewels Gate
The Eight Jewels Gate

“The traveler has found his way…. The motivation is, on the one hand, the desire to attain Buddhahood, to seek one's own benefit, and, on the other hand, the wish to be able to best help all beings. possible way. The gate of the eight jewels was said to house the spirit of enlightenment, the characteristics of consciousness (unlimited, clear, perceiving). The traveler, equipped with the Visvavajra, the double thunderbolt. It is the wheel of good law and is therefore one of the keys to opening the door. The Gate and each Jewel is the key to freedom from the three spiritual poisons; attachment, hatred and delusion are the cause of all suffering. Spiritual detox only works when the medicine is applied, then the door must be opened with proper motivation. The eight jewels symbolize the help and faculties of an enlightened being. To this effect, the true passage of the gate may reveal; the peace of Nirvana, pure and infinite liberation. »
Cinexcusa Fest traveling
Cinexcusa Fest

CINEXCUSA Poster 2019 - Digital Illustration for Cinexcusa CInema Fest, this version allowed us to develop an epic poster. A poster that represents – from elements of reality and fiction – the historical drama of Migration.
The Cavern Cover Book Illustration
The Cavern (Cover Book Illustration)

“The illustration developed for the writer “Colt” represents one of his brilliant descriptions of this new universe that his character is discovering. Here is a fragment “Entering the massive cavern was like entering another world, again. There were thousands of blue, green, red, teal, purple and orange slime wandering mindlessly in search of food. With six to eight foot tall rainbow-colored crystal formations protruding from the floor, walls and ceiling that shimmered and reflected the light of the cavernous mushroom forest as their undersides glowed orange, indigo or light green and fifteen to twenty feet tall, with black hats. the walls and floors looked like grass with hundreds of weird and weird little mushrooms growing in them, some I knew about but most didn't. At the very bottom was a huge lake filled with strange plants and coral-like orange and yellow crystal formations. as well as translucent fish, some of which glowed with soft teal lighting”
Cover "Voyager-The Journey Of A Soul"
Cover "Voyager-The Journey Of A Soul"

“In this prodigious world, full of mysteries and wonders, Umi began his quest for wisdom because he cannot keep the feeling of doubt and anguish of not knowing why he is alive…why he is in the world. Traveling is how he feels deep in his soul, he would find answers or at least better questions…for him it is the road to the goal, he feels there is something more…than what he can see with his eyes…and so, the endless journey began with a single step…”. Travel

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