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Symbiosis of Gold and Death by Billelis

Pierre Waterschoot




Billelis is a 3D illustrator and digital artist specializing in dark visuals and decorative arts. Currently based in the dark city of Edinburgh, he spends countless hours experimenting, learning and developing his artistic skills to create a personal style that can best be described as a dark yet elegant romantic fusion.

He has a keen eye for intricate detail, as well as bold contrasting colors, and his work has often been described as hyper-real. His artistic eye is coupled with a recent love affair with digital photography and the delicate art of Lego construction, he spends much of his time expanding his creative paths to inspire exciting new projects.

Guardian Demons
Guardian Demons

Blessed with an overflowing imagination, a love of the macabre, and a perpetual artistic hunger, Billelis aims to be a distinct source of creativity and inspiration in the illustration community. He strives to continue to push the artistic boundaries of 3D and fine art throughout his career and enjoys collaborating with like-minded artists who share his passion for authenticity, dark humor and willpower. to experiment with new styles and mediums.

Medusa Billelis

On a typical day, you'll find Billelis working on his latest client briefs or personal passion projects. But more often than not, you'll find him playing with new gadgets, exploring new lands (both in reality and via Xbox), or having a pint with friends at his local pub.

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The Offering
Relics of a mortal past Billelis
Relics of a Mortal Past
Decorated Saint billelis
Decorated Saint
Certa bit
Certa bit
Memento Mori II
Memento Mori II
Samurai Billelis

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