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Sofie Lee & Mathijs Luijten:

“Have you ever felt the nostalgia of vast nature, surrounded only by calm and the sound of twinkling stars in the night sky?

The music; Nights, created by Jesper Ryom, takes you to the desert where you feel the freedom of endless horizons and meet a child who is you and me and us. And we had the great pleasure of collaborating on this video clip given in complete creative freedom.

From conception to final delivery, our main goal was to invite the audience to engage deeply with the music and follow our delicate visual interpretation; which would then synergize the immersive experience.

Our approach was to gently touch his emotions and feelings through the different stages of the music and tell the visual story chronologically. From a nostalgic memory of being a child to adulthood; we believe it's the most subjective journey, yet the most representative way of expressing one's life that everyone can relate to.

We then immersed ourselves in the story we constructed and translated the unique visual language using looping techniques, exquisite animation, a wide range of vivid color palettes, thoughtful transitions between scenes, and frames of style illustrated with emotion.

Directed by: Mathijs Luijten
Producer: Mathijs Luijten
Concept and story development: Mathijs Luijten, Sofie Lee
Art direction and illustration: Sofie Lee
Animation: Mathijs Luijten
Additional animation: Will Pietsch

Musician: Jesper Ryom
Label: Gautier De Bosredon (delicious-music) »

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