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Nicolas Bigot and his series Oceans Adrift

Pierre Waterschoot



We recently talked about Nicolas Bigot in a previous article about his project “The Robot Next Door”. Today, zoom on his “Oceans Adrift” project.

« Art project. On each of my outings by the sea, whether for a walk or for photo shoots, I am systematically saddened to see waste wash up on the beaches or in the rocks. I strive to pick up as much rubbish as I can find, it's a small thing but that's still it.

It was during my shots for my "Beach Playground" project that I decided to integrate into my compositions this waste that invades our daily lives and our seaside activities. With surreal stagings and the touch of humor that are dear to me, I try to illustrate the excesses of ocean pollution that affect animals, plants but also human beings.« 

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Nicolas Bigot

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1 Comment

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