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NiceBalls, the balls you need!

Pierre Waterschoot




Now you can be productive while playing with your NiceBalls.

NiceBalls, hanging prosthetic accessory that sticks easily, discreetly and effectively to your desk . This is a unique anti-stress accessory created by Imaginarte.

Its suspension rate creates a Euclidean curve that encourages relaxation and grants the few moments of escape we all need at times. So, after playing with your balls for a while, you can change your mood from anxious to motivated by thinking “get moving, and work hard”.

Want a pair of balls? It's this way !

NiceBalls pink

A pair of NiceBalls is the perfect unusual gift for any occasion!

New arrivals and limited editions at NiceBalls

In addition to the original pink edition, NiceBalls offers many other variations of boules, each more original than the next!

Blue Niceballs
Who would have said that having blue balls could be useful?

Forget teasing and painful congestion, it's not that kind of blue balls. On the contrary, these new iterations within the Niceballs family can help you take the angst away! Just stick them under your desk. Touch them. Squeeze them. Just make sure you keep doing it until those blues kill your blues.

Blue Balls, it's over there!
Dark chocolate cocoa vanilla edition
A good consumption of chocolate is one of the best ways to increase your endorphin levels and your well-being. But as we don't (yet) know how to make chocolate, we imagined the 70% DARK Niceballs: a special edition with a cocoa vanilla flavor specially designed to relax you. Touch and smell, brought together for the first time in the Niceballs universe to offer you the ultimate sensory experience.

Balls with exotic scents? It's here !
niceballs world pride edition
Love is love and that's it. For some time now, many people have been putting their hearts into getting this basic message across. From now on, the Niceballs project joins this choir of voices that advocates affection in all its forms.

This feeling gives rise to Niceballs: World Pride Edition. Give them to your partner. Adopt them as a symbol. Or just use them to relax for a while. At your own pace, in complete freedom. Like it should be.

Balls that celebrate diversity? Ahead !
niceballs testicular cancer canada
Niceballs Fight Cancer Edition is inspired by the work developed by Testicular Cancer Canada. This means helping young men understand the basic guidelines of thetesticular self-examination. 100% of the profits will be used by TCC to raise awareness and help those affected by this disease.

Balls concerned? It's this way !

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