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Midjourney through the mind of Alberto Cerriteño

Pierre Waterschoot



Alberto Cerriteno

What is Midjourney?

midjourney is an independent research lab that produces a proprietary artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions similar to Stable Diffusion which is open-source and DALL-E from OpenAI. The tool is currently in open beta, which it entered on July 12, 2022.

Midjourney uses a freemium business model, with a limited free tier and paid tiers that offer faster access, greater capacity, and additional features. Holz told The Register in August 2022 that the business was already profitable. Users create artwork with Midjourney using commands from the Discord bot.

Alberto Cerriteño used this process to design helmets from the Star Wars universe, giving them an Asian, skeletal and Gothic style.

His instagram

star wars midjourney helmet
star wars helmet
star wars midjourney helmet

Stormtrooper armor

The stormtroopers are anonymously protected in their white plastoid composite armor worn over a black jumpsuit. Most armor is designed for humans, but other pieces can be crafted for different body types. Armed with the most powerful weapons and best armor in the Empire, stormtroopers are among the most feared opponents of rebel fighters. This armor protects stormtroopers from hostile environments, projectile fire, and blaster discharge. The helmets are equipped with filters that extract a breathable atmosphere from polluted environments. For operations in the vacuum of space, or the filtering of powerful toxins, the troopers have backpacks with more suitable respirators.

Stormtrooper armor is generally resistant to shrapnel and projectile blasts. They can be pierced by a powerful laser shot, but they are generally resistant to oblique shots. Stormtroopers are equipped with belts containing various equipment, including a compact tool kit, macro binoculars, and a grappling hook. Infantry troops are entitled to additional ammunition and full survival gear. Backpacks can contain comms, mortars, and blaster components. Stormtroopers usually carry a thermal detonator on the back of their belt. The controls for this detonator aren't self-explanatory to prevent enemies from activating it, but allow you to adjust the intensity, aim, and delay before the explosion.

midjourney stormtrooper

TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet

TIE fighter pilots depend on their suits and helmets in case of damage to their unarmored fighters. Their hardened black helmets are connected to a respirator strapped to their chests by a pair of oxygen transfer hoses. The helmet also has communication systems.

black star wars helmet
star wars midjourney helmet
star wars midjourney helmet
star wars helmet
star wars midjourney helmet

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