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Macby's rocking music interview

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Macby is a Youtubeur / TikToker and composer specializing in HardStyle. His communicative energy, his good humor and his musical carbon selections make him one of the figures to follow in the field of HardStyle on the networks, in particular on Instagram ! Also the playlist creator Team Charbonneur, the hottest playlist on Spotify!

But Macby is above all a talented creator, as here with his latest title “Anymore”:

Macby – Anymore

And here is exclusively for Letters to You the music interview of Macby:

• The first album/single you bought or was given as a gift?

The first that comes to mind: the Tragedy album

My father had bought me this at Shopi at the time bro, what a madness

I was drinking gallons of Joker apple juice with old-fashioned Lays crisps while listening to music on my CD player (the world is changing, it's crazy)

Hey Oh – Tragedy

• Your first musical revelation?

I don't really remember my first revelation.

But, I remember my discovery of jumpstyle.

Meal with friends of my daron, the kid who was with me had an old-fashioned mp3 (you know what I'm talking about if you were born before 2000)

He said to me: “Do you know that?”

He gives me the headphones, I put them on.

It was “Lethal MG – You Eternal”

Instant love at first sight.

Lethal MG – Youeternal

What did your parents listen to?

Lots of 80s (same as that in truth)

We made it into karaoke nights, boy

“When the music is good…good…good…good…”

Jean-Jacques Goldman – When the music is good

What album did you listen to on repeat when you were a teenager?

I don't remember exactly

But it was definitely a Cap'tain album

Cap'tain Complex 2007

What is your latest musical discovery?

“Irradiate & Dimitri K – Project 13.0”

A follower gave me this on TikTok

It's an auditory (but enjoyable) assassination

Irradiate & Dimitri K – Project 13.0

What music will you put on at your wedding?

“Slimane – Thousands of I love you”

This is my wife's favorite music

I will type my best slow crying with love

It's crazy to love someone so much in real life

SLIMANE – Thousands of I love you

And the music for your funeral?

“Yann Tiersen – Rhyme from another summer”

I love the piano, I listen to it when I work

This music brings together sadness but also a glimmer of hope

Yann Tiersen – Rhyme from another summer

What music makes you the most melancholic every time?

“Headhunterz & JDX – Transcendence”

This music gives me an ultra weird emotion

A mixture of melancholy, joy and sadness

It's crazy to feel that through a track

Headhunterz & JDX – Transcendence

And the music that excites you the most?

Right now: “Act of Rage & E-Force – Crazy”

I love to scream along with the voice


It's freaking me out

Act of Rage & E-Force – Crazy

The best song for making love?

I think that if you make love on that, there's a way to like it:

“Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do” (I'm a huge fan of this sound)

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

The song to listen to after a breakup?

Ah well clearly, you have to listen to the V

“VALD – Drop it”

VALD – Drop it

The best piece to rest in peace?

“Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream (Tony Romera Rework)”

It is a wonder

You listen to this in your quiet couch

You feel great

Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream (Tony Romera Rework)

Which song best represents you?

“The Elite – Final Cry”

This music gives me crazy shivers

When I listen to it, I put myself in the shoes of the singer you see

And I feel so powerful and happy

Especially the end of the second build-up where I scream: The Final Cry

And you have the “Cry” that lasts all the time of the drop, there I go into a trance

The Elite – Final Cry

The best movie or series soundtrack?

I don't have any

I'm not a big movie buff

No reference in this area sorry

The album to take away to shipwreck on a desert island?

“Rebelion – Artificial Intoxication”

Drop the broth you're gonna put on the island

Rebelion – Artificial Intoxication

Weirdest music you know?

“Diabarha – Uranoid****”****

This music is from another planet

That's the only explanation I found

Diabarha – Uranoid

The music from your repertoire that best represents your world?

“D-Block & S-te-fan – Fight For You”

There is in this music everything that I like: the euphoria of a melody and the aggressiveness of the kicks

House of Pain – Jump Around

Your favorite album?

“Sickmode, Rooler – Welcome To The Gang”

Brother, it's only nuggets in this album

It's a delight.

Germain Macby

Sickmode, Rooler – Too Cold

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