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The music interview of Julien Cottaz, talented graphic designer

Pierre Waterschoot



Julien Cottaz, freelance graphic designer in Bourgoin-Jallieu lent himself to the music interview for Letters to You!

« I'm Julien Cottaz, freelance graphic designer since 2015. I love music, cinema and sport… Nothing too surprising you might say? You're right, I'm an ordinary man, but I'm passionate about my job, I blossom every day by creating logos, brochures or even websites, not to mention the hours! It is my thirst for creation that I make available to my clients.« 

His website

The first album/single that you bought or that was offered to you?

The Massacre – 50 cent / I must have been 12-13 years old and I discovered rap at that time (2005/2006) the best period of US rap for me.

50 Cent – ​​Candy Shop ft. Olivia

Your first musical slap?

Lose yourself – Eminem / I had the title CD 2 and in front of 8 Mile… what a slap! 🔥

Eminem - Lose Yourself

What did your parents listen to?

Everything, especially rock but unforgettable music from my childhood: Scatman 🤣


What album did you listen to on repeat when you were a teenager?

Man on The Moon – Kid Cudi / In my boarding school period. All my train journeys have been accompanied by this masterful album

Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon

What is your latest musical discovery?

Gospel – Dr Dre / Not a discovery for the artist but a huge new sound

Dr. Dre – Gospel (with Eminem)

What music will you put on at your wedding?

Where is My mind (piano) – The Blue notes / A beautiful cover of Pixies

Where is My Mind?

And the music for your funeral?

Now we are Free – Hans Zimmer / What better than the music of Gladiator to leave proud 🤣

Hans Zimmer Live Prague Gladiator Elysium Now We Are Free

What music makes you the most melancholic every time?

Una Mattina – Ludovico Einaudi 😪

Ludovico Einaudi – Una Mattina

And the music that excites you the most?

44 more – Logic 🤘

44 More – Logic

The best song for making love?

Eminem-Superman 🙂


The song to listen to after a breakup?

X-Men – Lomepal

Lomepal – X-men feat. JeanJass

The best song for quiet chilling?

93 the infinity – Souls of Mischief ✨

Souls Of Mischief – 93' Til Infinity

Which song best represents you?

Soundtrack to My Life – Kid Cudi

KiD CuDi – Soundtrack 2 My Life

The best movie or series soundtrack?

Time – Hans Zimmer (Inception) 💛

Hans Zimmer performs INCEPTION “Time”

The album to take away to shipwreck on a desert island?

Orelsan – Lost in advance 😁

Orelsan – Lost in advance

Weirdest music you know?

Kore – Dusty Kid 💀

Dusty Kid – Kore

The piece to get the party going?

Jump Around – House of Pain 🔥

House of Pain – Jump Around

Your favorite album?

Logic – Bobby Tarantino 2

Dalida – Best of

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