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The incredible transformation of a restaurant bar by Zender

Pierre Waterschoot



Sander Pappot (aka Zender) is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and painter based in Amsterdam. Working with a wide range of different styles and techniques, he has worked with a wide variety of clients, such as here with “Two Chefs Brewing”, a bar restaurant in Amsterdam.

“Our friends from Two Chefs Brewing opened a bar and restaurant in Amsterdam and asked us to paint their walls, design the new logo and sign on their toilet doors. We painted 3 murals in total: The Funky Falcon (an image we've already drawn for the label of their best-selling beer), a hippie girl (we've already drawn for one of their special beers; Acid Drop) and a brand new illustration of a giant octopus specially designed for the new Two Chefs Bar! Play the movies to see the process! Paper Island was responsible for the interior design and concept. »

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