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Dulk's dreamlike animal paintings

Pierre Waterschoot



Antonio Segura Donat (aka Dulk) was born in Valencia where he still lives today. Dulk is a versatile performer. Between urban art, drawing, painting, sculpture, each medium is a challenge that he takes up with pleasure and determination. 

His art has evolved remarkably in recent years but its essence has always been the same. His naturalistic universes show us a tragicomic and surreal thematic landscape full of details, sometimes real, sometimes fictitious but always inviting contemplation. His compositions recreate biological environments involved in antagonistic concepts. 

With a soft chromatic palette, Dulk creates a dreamlike narrative scenario full of characters, which at first viewing conveys beauty and calm but will lead us to deeper meaning in subsequent viewings. The artistic evolution of the work is projected beyond the perfection of the technique and the details that invite you to get lost or the spaces where you can immerse yourself. 

His website

boreal dulk
silence dulk
borneo dulk
summit dulk
welcome back
Welcome Back
twilight dulk
Polar Express
alone in a boat dulk
Alone in a boat
the last dwelling dulk
The Last Dwelling
the guardian
The Guardian
ephemeral dulk

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