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Mary Jane Ansell's Women Soldiers

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Mary Jane Ansell

With a love of intriguing storytelling and capturing a contained yet dramatic moment, Mary Jane Ansell's work draws from a multitude of inspirations, her sitters become characters imbued with a narrative that Ansell believes unfolds in collaboration as she works with them, sometimes autobiographical, drawing memories from childhood or her response to the current complexities of politics and gender issues, also drawing from the language of classic portraiture to the world of high fashion and with a appreciation for a refined technique that evokes the past but with a resolutely modern point of view.

After 25 years of living by the sea in Brighton, UK, she and her partner, Richard, a musician, have recently moved to the dramatic scenery and seclusion of the Welsh Borders, near Snowdonia. A region rich in ancient legends and inspiration.

Here is a selection of her works on women and war.

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Mary Jane Ansell
Mary Jane Ansell
Mary Jane Ansell
Mary Jane Ansell
Little Victories Oil on Panel 14 x 26 inches
Mary Jane Ansell
Mary Jane Ansell

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