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The amazing illustrations of Gebelia

Pierre Waterschoot



Elia Colombo (aka Gebelia) is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Italy. Shortly after starting his career as a pizzaboy, he became a professional visual artist, known on the internet as gebelia for his thoughtful and provocative illustrations.

He works for brands and individual clients around the world, constantly striving for perfection in simplicity. Irony and lateral thinking are the real core of his creations, which have been recognized by international institutions such as Adobe, both for his vector technique and for his concepts.

He has participated in various design festivals as well as art exhibitions over the years. Thanks to his experience, he is now a professor of digital illustration at the Bauer School.

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We can undo it!
How designers look at curves
How designers look at curves
gebelia sushi
Sushi p*rn
hold me tight
hold me tight
The new idol gebelia
The new idol
Bad hair day gebelia
bad hair day
Digital illusions gebelia
digital illusion
The sweet side of death
The sweet side of death

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