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Album of the week: Teenage Color EP – College

Pierre Waterschoot




Teenage Color is the first EP of College (Aka David Grellier), a native of Nantes, who in addition to recording under the name College runs the influential Valérie label, renowned for its retro-futuristic mix of inspired electro. Grellier is influenced by American pop culture of the 80s, and "80s soaps and an aesthetic that he particularly likes: the color, the images, the silver films and the solar images of Los Angeles, Chicago and all the others cities that continue to fascinate me". Here is the first EP of this prolific artist, also member of the group Sexy Sushi.

Valerie Collective's SoundCloud page

Can You Kiss Me First
Teenage Color
My Secret Romance
The Drone
The Scarlett Empress
Teenage Color

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