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Quotes: Princess Mononoke

Pierre Waterschoot



Anato Finnstark

Pure gold hardens the tenderest hearts.

_ The wild boars are on the move, the devastated forest cries as they pass but you cannot hear the trees sob. Me, I stay here listening to their slow agony, these cries awaken in me the wound of the bullet and I dream of the day when I could finally crush with my fangs the head of the woman who kills me.

_ Moro, this war has lasted too long. Why don't you put an end to it? You could live in peace with humans.

_ The humans gather for a last battle. Their fire will soon come to burn us.

_ But what will happen to San? Are you going to let her die with you?

_ You are indeed a human, Ashitaka. Self-centered. You think like a human. San is my daughter, my tribe is hers. If the forest dies, it will die with it.

I have to look at the world without hatred.

It was a long time ago, in a distant land once covered with forests. At that time, the spirit of Nature watched over the world, in the form of gigantic animals. Men and beasts lived in harmony. But as the centuries passed, the balance shifted. The rare forests that Man had not ransacked were then protected by immense animals, which obeyed the Great Spirit of the Forest.

It was the time of the gods, and the time of the demons.

No one has the power to change his destiny. But we can choose between waiting for him or going to meet him.

Princess of Wolves! Go back to your forest! Don't die in vain! Retirement is also a proof of courage!

Look closely, all look at what we look like when hatred takes hold of us. Me, she gnaws my arm and she will end up eating me alive! Anger and fear increase the power of evil tenfold.

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