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Quote: Mr. Robot – Religion

Pierre Waterschoot



Mr. Robot

"Elliot, do you want to say something?" God is there for you.

"So that's what God does?" He is there for us? Tell me... Why wasn't he there for my innocent friend who was killed for no reason, while the real culprits are on the loose? Well ok, it doesn't matter, let's forget the particular cases... If we were talking about all these wars declared in his name only, right? All right, fine, let's put this arbitrary, unimportant murder aside for a second if you will. Let's talk about this racist, sexist and phobic molasses in which we are drowning only because of him. And I'm not talking only about our God, no of course I'm talking about all forms of organized religions, sectarian and peremptory groups created to seize control, like a dealer, who multiply addicts to the drug of hope , and whose followers would be nothing more than a bunch of junkies who dope themselves on lies to boost their dopamine of ignorance, junkies refusing to accept the fact that there is no order, that there there are no powers, that all religions are worms that metastasize in our minds, create to divide, so that we can let ourselves be influenced by all his charlatans who dream of leading us. In their eyes, we're just boy fans willing to pay for their low-level sci-fi franchise. I trust my own imaginary friend more, so why bother me with yours? Most people think of their beliefs as some kind of key to happiness, that's how much they control you... Even I'm not delusional enough to believe in this distortion of reality... So fuck your God , it's not a good enough scapegoat for me.

Elliot Alderson – Mr. Robot

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