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Brad Kunkle materializes the power of feminine energy

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Brad Kunkle

Brad Kunkle is an American artist internationally known for his unique use of gold and silver leaf in contemporary oil painting. Her themes explore the rejection of dogmas inherited from previous generations, intuition and the power of feminine energies as guides to seek enlightenment in symbiosis with the natural world. He is represented by Arcadia Contemporary in New York.

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islands brad kunkle
Islands, 2012. Oil and gold on linen. 30 x 50 inches. Private collection.
maybe it's all just a myth brad kunkle
Maybe It's All Just A Myth, 2019. Oil and Caplain Leaf on linen. 18 x 14 inches. Private Collection
unconquered sun
Unconquered Sun, 2020. Oil, Gold and Silver Leaf on wood. 24 x 18 inches. Private Collection
the orientation brad kunkle
TOrientation, 2014. Oil, gold and silver on linen panel. 25 x 19 inches.
Eclipse, 2015. Oil and silver on wood. 16 x 16 inches. 
seer brad kunkle
Seer, 2012. Oil, gold, and silver on linen panel. 19 x 27 inches. Private collection.
Pollination, 2016. Oil and silver on linen on wood. 30 x 40 inches.
cocoon brad kunkle
Cocoon, 2012. Oil and gold on linen. 51 x 30 inches. Private collection.
Guardianian, 2016. Oil and silver on linen. 40 x 30 inches. Private Collection
ornithology brad kunkle
Ornithology, 2013. Oil, gold, and silver on linen. 45 x 33.5 inches. Private collection. Brad Kunkle

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