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Boywithuke, the mask with 100 faces from PXL.

Pierre Waterschoot



PXL Stores.

What is PXL Stores, and what is this Boywithuke mask?

Zoom in on the Boywithuke that transforms your face in seconds with its luminous technology. This cosplay prop comes pre-installed with 45 anime patterns and 70 static faces to wear.

PXL Stores provides the latest trending products, including LED Masks, Cosplay and Rave Party Props.

The brand's website

Instantly switch to any face or animation and make your own masks

Choose from 45 animated effects + 70 pre-programmed static faces via the app and upload as many faces and photos as you want. you really can become anyone or anything you think of. You can also edit any text or emoji and select the color. Just say "Hello" or be more complex and sophisticated in your greetings.

All the advantages of this mask

🤡 CHOOSE FROM 100 MASKS transform your face in seconds with this luminous mask. This cosplay prop comes pre-installed with 45 anime patterns and 70 static faces to wear.

👋🏼 GESTURE CONTROL Allows you to change faces each time you wave your hand at the beam sensor.

(I.e. DO IT YOURSELF You can write and animate text through the mask mobile app and download any photo or gif from your phone's gallery and display it on your mask.

🎵 SOUND REACTIVE The Beam Mask follows the beat of the music with customizable patterns to choose from, all within the app.

🇧🇷 WEAR IT ALL DAY! Forget changing batteries. Our LED light mask contains a robust 2000mAh rechargeable battery, which can run the mask for up to 12 hours on a single charge.


👉🏽 EASY TO USE Control the mask via the downloadable Bluetooth app. You can also switch to gesture mode. This allows you to cycle through the images on the mask simply by waving your hand.

🎉 LONG LIVE THE PARTY Turn a lifeless party into an epic event with this face-transforming LED mask. Wear this mask to spice up birthdays, Halloween, music festivals or New Years parties.

(I.e. ONE SIZE FOR ALL Made of durable plastic and latex, you can count on this programmable LED mask to last. Its ergonomic design, soft interior and pre-cut eye holes ensure a comfortable fit all day long. Dimensions: 22 x 16 cm / 8,6 x 6,2 inches


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